Matching Display Type to Your IoT Device Needs

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The hype surrounding the Internet of Things suggests that the world will soon be host to billions of connected things, linked to each other and to centralized data-collection and analysis services over the rapidly evolving internet. Some of these devices will be connected versions of products we already use—such as home thermostats and industrial machine monitors. Others will be entirely new, using the availability of low-cost connectivity to enable new services—such as fitness monitors that allow you to compete with complete strangers over lap times for your local park run.

Many of these devices could be enhanced by adding a display, even if it is not strictly necessary. Go back to the fitness band example—since they are all about data capture and sharing, they could be implemented as a plain band and rely entirely on a Bluetooth-linked mobile phone, or internet connected laptop, to display the resultant fitness data. In practice, almost all fitness bands have a basic display to give their users feedback. Similarly, environmental monitors such as industrial thermometers, strain gauges for civil infrastructure, and pollution monitors don’t need a display but would be a lot more convenient to work with if they had one.